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teen influence on hip-hop music

teen influence on hip-hop musicteen influence on hip-hop music is about as powerful as 3 month old baby trying to hold up it's head.

To be honest with you it's the other way around. Hip Hop has a major stake right in the heart of teens across the world.

Oh, yeah it is reaching across the seas to China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Korea and of course Canada just to name a few major players.

Teenagers are doing all kind of dump shit nowadays due to rap music.

It's not what it started out to be either. It has gotten really ridiculous down to the point where kids are wearing baggy pants, big fake cubic zirconia earrings, smoking weed, having sex, rockin over sized XXXL t-shirts and more.

This is not the hip-hop music that I grew up on with Doug E. Fresh and the Fat Boys and Slick Rick. It's crazy right about now.