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record label for many rappers

Where Are The Hot Hip Hop Artist Signed?

The record label for many rappers right now is Def Jam. record label for many rappersSouth to be exact. They are signing some of the hottest rap artist in the entire hiphop community.

The the kicker is that they are not all talented when it comes to actual lyrics but they are getting major million dollar deals anyway. Why?

Well Hip Hop artist just need to have a nice marketing look or a great dance track and BAM! You can probably get yourself a deal.

You see New York and California use to run the hip-hop- industry and even Lousiana got in on the money with No Limit Records but now things have changed. Georgia and Texas are flooding the market with rap dudes.

Remember when all you heard about was Bad Boy and Aftermath on a serious commercial level. It was all about Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Notorious BIG, Craig Mack and Dre' himself. Well things have changed.

Aftermath is still around and so is Bad Boy but the big names on the market now are 50 Cents G-Unit, T.I.'s Grand Hustle, Lil' Jons BME, Jay-Z's Rock-a-Fella, The Dip Set Boys and the Swisha House Crew.

 With all the names I just dropped the main source of success is coming from Def Jam South. They are not playing around. They are the umbrella for alot of the successful labels that produce hit making rappers.

HipHop is a big money business and the unsigned rap guys and girls are doing whatever they can to get on. Everything from mixtapes to independent videos are hitting the market and streets daily in the attempt to get noticed. Only a few make a mark big enough to get the attention of major labels Sony or Jive. This is how hip-hop rhymers MIMS and Young Jeezy got on to just mention two. Texas and Georgia, the cities of Houston & Atlanta to be more specific are turning out multi-platinum hits from their camps and don't show any signs of letting up.

Newspaper articles also make mention of Cash Money but they are not as heavy as these other labels. The only have Lil' Wayne and and Baby to bring home the real bacon. Same thing with So So Def. Not many hot artist are coming from that part of hip-hop anymore either. Next time you turn your TV on just check out a couple of music videos and usually display the name of the record label the artist is hailing from at the bootom right or left corner. You can also visit forums or read blogs from hiphop blogging journalist anout singers and albums to get the proper information you need. That is a million times better than hitting stores to find out. Billboard will be a great source to look and search for info too. They even give pretty detailed results for indies. Plus the photos are of high quality so you will get a chance to see what these millionaires really look like.