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queen latifah biography hip-hop

queen latifah biography hip-hopqueen latifah biography hip-hop is a pretty special one because she is actually one of the first females rappers to grace a microphone and make it on a major level. Along with her multi-million dollar ventures which now include Dominoes Pizza, Cover Girl and even an acting and broadway singing career she is a pretty positive rapper too. Many people love her for curvation for women. Cover Girl

Latifah is even working on a new clothing line. she does not let her size stop here and you can even find some pitures of her on the internet wearing a bathing suit, not a bikini but still...she is comfortable with what she is working with. The fan club she has respects her too. I don't know if she puts on the Revlon Cosmetics for a man or a women though because I never see her with anyone. All I know is she is a good person at heart. Here is the official bio on her.

(b. March 18, 1970, Newark, N.J.), African American rap artist,