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push or pull factors on gangs

It's drugs and criminal violence and gangs

push or pull factors on gangsSo what are the push or pull factors on gangs are far as society is concerned? Well that's not a question that you can just answer in a page so I just skirt around some things I see. If you need to pull for additional information I suggest you hit up Street Gangs Message Board sites.

Whether the public citizens that abide by the rules like it or not street gangs are here to stay just like graffiti. as a matter of fact graffiti and gang violence go hand and hand. The only thing you can do is make more money to get into the areas where they are not present or make yourself aware of the street codes they live by.

Drugs and criminal violence and gangs are all copycats of real militia groups and subversive organizations. They are copying well though as there is now millions of them world-wide and they are growing weekly.

MS-13 is leading the pack by far and then the order is Crips and Bloods last according to police and FBI records.

Most start out as crews of about three and grow from there. Within the growth signs and other codes are incorporated to recognize security threats to the nucleus. In my personal opinion it's all about power just like politicians and the government. However, with the Mexicans forming at such an alarming rate it's now becoming a racial supremacy deal.

There are so many that you would get lost trying to keep up with the symbols, gang colors, tattoos and scars. I use to recognize the crews in Compton and New York but now you have to deal with gang members from NC, overseas like the Netherlands and even Japan. I'm not talking mafia either I'm speaking purely of members of the streets hoods. It makes you wonder what will happen if gangs continue to roam the streets.

Gangs of New York and California are not even the talk of the scene anymore as other cities and states hit the map hard. New Orleans, Texas, Chicago and even Albany Georgia bring madd noise. Movies with gangs are also not helping the situation any and rappers who are affiliated and write lyrics don't help either. Who you ask? Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, The Game, Young Jeezy and Plies to name a few.

the information being pumped out to the youth has staggering statistics when you add them up for jails and deaths. I don't see how that is good for any race or creed. I wish them all well and hope they live long enough to make a change. As a hobby to killing real people go out and buy a Playstation 3 and play Grand theft Auto and watch Blu-Ray disc movies of American Gangster without subtitles and films like martin scorsese.