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pretty ricky hotline lyrics are smokin hot

The album brings a late night special for all

Are you looking for the pretty ricky hotline lyrics so you can sing along? pretty ricky hotline lyricsGood because this is one of my favorite songs on the radio right now. See I produce music and the beat alone is real serious.

I keep the mp3 in rotation in my ipod fo' sho'. Plus I would like to tell you that if you are trying to get a girl wet and play house a little then buy the album.

You and her will get a bunch of pleasure for your body because it's that good. Don't believe any stories that you may have heard about this group, baby blue and the rest of the fellas are bringing an entirely new swagger to RnB. I dare someone to try and call me out on this statement too.

These are some dudes bringing something new to the RnB folks right now and I'm feeling their style.

The late night special on the album is a winner too. Rss feeds all over the internet predict it to be much stronger than nothing but a number. I believe that as well. Keep watching the billboards and see for yourself. They bring a spectacular performance on tour and live on the stages so they should continue to make good money on the road. Grind With Me swept the nation amongst friends in the United states and networking sites like alike. I actually thought that they were rappers and that was after I found out that the group included more than one guy. don't laugh you thought the same thing.

I didn't know how many until I seen then on MTV's Cribs episode and seen it's a gang of them. Now videos and photos keeps these Bluestars downloads ringing on cellphones and ipods. Pics and biography request come to us here at all the time. If you are one of these people then you can consider to join forums and blogging groups that concentrate on entertainers like these guys. Blogs will keep you updated daily on the music business including good and bad things. That's the excellent thing about news jouranals and classifieds. You can get Late Night Special journaling online at a rate of every 30 minutes if you want.

Also you can text for updates on petty ricky from large companies like Jamster and Cingular. Of course that includes a fee because you get all kind of things like wallpaper images and Ringtones too. Entertainment always comes at a price and radio always pushes that price with the hottest music. Thats why you hear "It's five in the morning and I'm up talking dirty to you" nah mean?