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photos of hip-hop rapper plies

photos of hip-hop rapper pliesphotos of hip-hop rapper plies is hot commodity amongst the rap community.

Coming from out of Florida and being signed to the gutter Slip N Slide Records he is setup to raise some serious hell.

I have been hearing about him for a couple of years now but now he is ready to go. Most of you know him from the killer mixtapes he has appeared on over the last three years.

Now Plies has officially made notice of the dropping of the major label album. The title of this record incase you have not been following him is "The Real Testament". Fort Meyers, Florida is going crazy waiting for it to get released too. They will not have to wait much longer as it will be in your local stores on August 7th, 2007. plies the rapper

Slip-N-Slide RecordsGo to his website and check out his contest that he is running for an applied verse to be recorded for his song "Ain't Slippin',". the track was produced by DJ Nasty and sounds really good. Here is the sire URL to peep it out. Plies World.

Due to the hype people and rap fans world-wide have been searching for pictures of Plies so they can place them on phones, desktop backgrounds and even Myspace backgrounds. I was waiting for the music video featuring RnB sensation T-Pain out of the Konvict music camp titled "Shawty". Rick Ross is seen chillin up in the video and it's gully enough for the streetz too. If you have not seen this video let me give you a peep.

As far as ringtone sales he is all over the Nielsen Ringscan chart pushing up the ladder toward number one. Last I checked in on it he was around #40. that's because he helped spun the selling of around 8,000 of them so far. Whoa! I like this dude alot and I definitely like the camp he hails from with Trick Daddy and Trina leading the way. Trina the rapper even has a new verse on the remix to the Shop Boyz "Party Like A Rockstar". Oh, yeah when you listen to Plies it sounds like he is from New Orleans instead of Florida.