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lyrics to promise by ciara

Get up and one two step for this chick

What are the lyrics to promise by ciara man? lyrics to promise by ciaraShe is not much of a singer so sometimes between her southern accent and the short breaths between notes you may miss some words.

So we have what you are looking for just click here. You should be able to get all the songs words to everything from Ms. Ciara Princess Harris.

I promise I will never lie to you boy, remix remix remix...Damn I love this chick.

So if you can one two step like this singer then lets get up and rock. But wait before we do that lets talk about the rumors of her being born a man or that she is a hermaphrodite.

What!! She does not look like a boy to me at all. Just look at the Promise video and you can see all the goodies of a sexy women are intact and for real. Bet naked she could dispell all those bogus rumors. My friends tried to tell me that same rumor but when you see her up close I like have at an Atlanta Hawks game you know she is all woman.

Yes! Princess Harris not janson is a very tall girl but never the less a wallpaper hip hop honey for sure. I have some photos with a very nice digital camera and they are definately showing all her curves. Combine that with here energetic music and she is a pretty complete package. Plus the official bio says that friends respect the ambition and hard work of CC. Jazzy Pha ran up on a goldmine with that recording of goodies and the contract he placed her on.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so what are a gallery of online videos and lyrics worth? It'news" target="">In the short length of time that the albums have been out in the industry some records have been broken according to blogs and interview journals.

I know for a fact that the remix of promise featuring R. Kelly is crushing the charts. Plus it's a great song even though she changed up her vocals to try and match incredibly talented r kelly. i'm looking forward to seeing how long this atlanta native is going to stay in the music industry. I sure it will be longer than the beautiful buy untalented Ashanti. Ha-Ha...good luck Nelly.