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lyrics to i'm a flirt by r kelly

Even with the videotape footage thats that...

lyrics to i'm a flirt by r kellylyrics to i'm a flirt by r kelly is one of the hottest songs in his archives to date. The original with Bow Wow is cool but the remix with T-Pain is crazy sick.

The R. always does fantastic remixes like ignition but he really put his foot in this one. He made a song called the worlds greatest and I think he is when it comes to writing and producing R&B music tracks.

Now this is what I'm talking about, I love this website it's really tight.

Jay Sway, DJ from NJ

Snoop Dogg and Kells rockin' thats that is another hot joint. I couldn't believe it when I heard the track because the same day I heard the song I was in the radio station with Greg Street of V-103 and also listening to the songs go getta with him and young jeezy. Buy wait, right when you think that is it he was controlling the airwaves here in Atlanta with the lyrics for promise by ciara too. Tape or no videotape R. Kelly is a certified musical genius like Prince. That should not be news to anybody reading these words either. Check the mans discography.

R. Kelly the SingerTelevision is making the videos to these hot songs crush BET and 106 and Park. Also the MTV stations are getting smoked too. After you actually read Robert Kelly's biography you will understand that he has many years under his belt with this music game man. The bio mentions short films and film news that he is working on too. Can you imagine him in silver screen box office movies. That's pretty much what trapped in the closet was if you ask me anyway. Give this dude some serious credit folks. He does it all, write, produce, sing and perform. WOW!

I have read reviews on the R. and some of them discredit his talent because of th trouble he got hiself into dealing with the tape and the girl. However, I keep it real simple. God gave him that talent and it will not be taken away, now as far as what he has to deal with at the Pearly Gates...Dunno. Only him and the father will know the outcome. A celebrity of his statue and with the awards he has accumulated he will go down as one of the greatest music entertainers of all time. That puts him in the boat with Smokey Robinson and James Brown playa.

Websites all across the internet have thousands of message boards with breaking news photos about this dude. Groups are formed on Myspace just for him and as far as Ringtones and Downloads are concerned. He could easily go triple platinum on those sells alone. I would like to call him the tiger woods of music. He is hard to beat on any day of the week. Plus the  money trail is long. R Kelly can make it rain with Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne all day every day. So whether you want to call him a Hip Hop, Pop, Rock or R&B star it doesn't matter because he can fit into anyone of those categories. Now That's That Sh*T.