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list of all mixtapes to download

Even the free holy hip hop joints

list of all mixtapesEver wonder where the list of all mixtapes to download is?

I use to. We get at least 20 emails per week asking us this question so we are giving you the information right now.

We got all the hot ones to like young money millionaire, spigga and even soundz from the devil part 2. Hood legends such as the g-unit radio and even the basketball dons like the And 1 team are in our catalog. It doesn't matter if you want the mp3 tapes with the vocals or just the instrumentals we got you covered for the sound bombing.

I even have a couple raggaeton mix tapes that will set it off in any house party or club.

The free holy hip hop mix tapes are a hot ticket item and they very well should be. These rappers are doing something that most will not and that talk about GOD! The urban hip-hop community is being flooded with alot of dirty lyrics nowadays and they set some sort of balance to the game.

I didn't even know ya' boy Young Jeezy was into mixtapes like that until I heard this joint. Whoa!

I have not heard one dj play any of their music but at least they are still doing what they have to do. I heard a CD that had an artist on it named Big Knight and it was one of the best music pieces I heard ever. 50 Cent or Eminem would sign him at the drop of a dime. Papoose the Rapper made seriuos waves in New York with his lyrical talent and he got signed before Mims could come out with the song "This Is Why I'm Hot". New York is in the building though when it comes to the streets.

Rap is the only genre of music that does mixtape style cds and people like DJ Clue a hiphop legend spin them all the time. So many new ones hit the streets weekly it's hard to keep up with them. Whoo Kid can get an mp3 play one every thousand songs if you did it in a rotation. One of the biggest suppliers of the products is mixunit. Along with funkmaster flex and the internet they have dominated the market. They make it possible for independent lables like the dipset to make millions. That's good especially since the huge success of Jim Jones and the hit single Ballin'. It's amazing that MTV and BET have not got in on this multi-million dollar industry yet.