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kim kardashian free tapekim kardashian free tape of her and Ray J brandy's brother having sex is one of the most saught after videos on the Internet. I saw the vid and it's the most hilarious amount of footage that I have ever saw. Ray was doing his thing in the home film though. He must have been doing something right to get a one million dollar deal from trojan out of the ordeal. 

Hip Hop HoneysHe also pulled Whitney Houston and Lil kim into the action I guess they heard he was packin'.

If you get a chance to watch the joint or if you download it then make sure you look at the part where he dances with the camera pointed at him while getting some head. That is crazy! For those of you looking for some sexy photos we have those too. We don't operate a hidden camera site so we will not provide any naked pictures of kim kardashian. All those type of clips and are model offs of the people who paid Ray J.

phat azz galleryCelebrities have been acting a real monkey these days especially people like Britney Spears and Shemar Moore to name a few. I don't know if they do what they do for gossip publicity or if they are just plain nuts but they do it. Pictures are worth a thousand words but video tape is worth millions of words. Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson Lee can tell you that. The footage is worth millions of dollars too. New photos hit the web everyday through bloggers and Hollywood stays in front and back of these celebs. The pics and links to the pictures are for entertainment most of the time but many other times they are for money and publicity ratings. Stars have publicist who shamelessly help deploy these artist and superstars business in the streets for more fame.

bikini modelsThe New York Post and Times don't miss a beat either when it comes to getting the dirt aired out. Anyone running a celebrity blog has plenty of stuff to talk or blog about when it comes to models and other news on celebs.

The reason is they party, do drugs, crash expensive cars, date recklessly and just pure don't give a damn most of the time. Rumors stay fresh on them and networking rings are vever sleep when it comes time to get the information out about them.

Images and rate charges for advertising on the popular blogs that lead the race are crazy becuase their jouranaling practices are really serious. They are not playing around.

Online journals are popular and urban press ones like the blogspot and wordpress jumpoff's are leading the way with readers and rss subscriptions. Robert Kim's father has to be somewhere hiding to not here about his daughters big ass and how it is the talk of the town or should I say world wide web.

Clothing cannot hide the big butt she has and it seems like everybody has hit it too especially Reggie Bush and famous hip hop producer Scott Storch.