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jay z american gangster credits Go To The Movie

It's not 1920's Gangster Slang in subtitles ya' know

jay z american gangster creditsSo why does jay z american gangster credits get awarded to the movie starring Denzel Washington?

Well because that's where he got the idea to record the mixtape. since then everybody and there mother has jumped on the bandwagon trying to get a piece of this moving train that scored millions at the box office and millions on the soundscan numbers.

Neither the film or the album has 1920's Gangster Slang but they both have the element of gangsta codes. Hollywood wasn't expecting the movie to do as well as it did and because of it's success they had to release DVD's with international subtitles including arabic.

Before the release of the disc in stores both the film and the mixtape were being grabbed off podnapsi 2 cd it up and sell it in places like the barbershop and gas stations. Imagine that even with the leak the film and album still crushed the market.

I actually have heard anything as good as this since Scarface the Rapper came out with damn it feels good to a gangsta. Jim jones with his biting ass is even stretching the envelope by release Harlems american gangsta. How Ironic. His biggest hit single was Ballin' and now he is following that up with his Cute Lil Gangsta Quotes.

Man I tell you between myspace layouts and simple things like Cartoon Characters Coloring Pages in Books and on t-Shirts this has gone way too far.

If you don't believe me just download them from a bittorrent website or read more reviews in hiphop forums about this matter. I'm sure if you search AllHipHop or the illseed you can catch up on current information and even some outrageous rumors.