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history of hip hop culture style

Hip-Hop is not Rap and Rappers are not HipHop

The history of hip hop culture style is deep and is not sumed up by placing it within music. history of hip hop culture styleMost people reference rap songs when they think of hiphop but that is almost the furthest thing from the truth.


Well it is more than music. You see that just a small part of a gigantic multi-bilion dollar well oiled machine.

The Dread Dj Kool Herc

Hip-Hop is made up of several different things and rappers are just one part of it. Along with rap you have breakdancers, graffiti artist, Djs, clothing and urban film and now hip-hop models or honeys and mixtapes.

It doesn't matter of you are talking about the commercial part of it that has rappers in TV ads and campaigns world wide or if you are speaking of the underground side of things that keep the streets locked down, it's all considered the same.

 The fact is that african american males are leading the way in this movement (cause that's what it is) and they are getting rich off what was considered fun in the New York project streets. Read any literature on hiphop and you will find this information to be true.

Look at a hip hop timeline and you will get a clear understanding about how far this culture has come.

You have powerful rap artist participating in political society now and playing politics with other powerful white males who have been in control for several hundred years. Incase you didn't know hip-hop is a global power which includes the likes of giantes like Chevy, Macy's, Ford, Dell, Mc Donalds, Pioneer and Honda to name a few world wide companies. The history is built on sub-par poor Djs and guys from the projects who could Rhyme words but it is now sitting on a frim and very solid ground with the elements of putting more black men and women in control of their destinys.

Deejaying help start it but rapping is now driving the wheels of this very fast sports car called Hip Hop. A rap timeline is important to know also if you plan on really speaking to others about how powerful hiphop is right now. You will then be able to explain what it is and project information literacy. Later you can break it all down from old school to new school but that will take some serious reading and studying. I suspect that one day it will actually be a college course and young white and black people will have to learn how something so small became so big and made a path in world wide society that will be here for ever. I haven't looked it up yet but I think that it's even in the encyclopedia brittanica. Now I wonder what kool herc has to say about that. Man we are talikng about the roots of Hip-Hop here.