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hip-hop video vidcaps

hip-hop video vidcapship-hop video vidcaps are kinda like the rap up that music gets from things such as reviews.

However, because videos cost much more to make and are really like short movies people want to engage in the judging of whether it was good or corny etc.

Clips are usually the ones that are heavily looked at and judged and you will see this for yourself if you do a search within the Google or Yahoo search engines. Free videos are all over the web and the websites that provide them are usually funding the site with those annoying popup ads you are use to by now. So the big question is what type of vidcap are you interested in. Do you watch videos from Youtube, Daily Motion or Myspace? I asked that question knowing very well that you are on at least one of those sites if not two everweek.

The play and browse features of each one of these huge power sites is pretty easy and is setup tp keep you coming back and telling friends. That's called viral. When looking for joints to go over then you might want to check out sites that offer codes too. Grabbing a code from one of these sites will allow you to place a featured vid on your site. Be careful though becuase you can easilt get caught up watching them for hours at a time. Trust me I know.

I don't know how many people actually engage in this type of entertainment but it may even be something you consider starting a Myspace or yahoo Group on. One thing I learned as a internet publisher is that if you like it then there are thousands of others who like it too. Keep that in mind and you can easily become rich with some serious effort toward it.