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hip hop honey pics photos to love

hip-hop music dymes wear thongs well

Hip hop honey pics Hip hop honey picsare whats driving the internet crazy. These pictures are better than lyrics and most men and even some women would rather look at the photos of the sexiest chicks in the entertainment industry of rap music than read words.

Also the big thing about shooting the digital film of these hunnies you don't have to worry about ubderground stuff. This is not a mixtape circuit. The women will always be front and center whetehr it's a rap video or a hiphop movie.

I have seen them all including the Game Girls with absolutely no clothes on, not even a string bikini.

Hip-hop music is making the girls in the industry want to wear thongs and g-strings in every short film or video shoot. Properly called video vixens the models are paid around $500 per shooting and they are up for hours at a time just to get three and a half minutes worth of good footage. Rapper Eminem doesn't like these chicks in his songs pictures so that's why you don't really see any. Pretty cool huh? However, the rest of the fans of these rap music icons want to see all the half naked girls they can possibly see and that why picture glallery sexy ladies are posted all over the net.

The urban community has spoken out in forums and they would like to continue seeing booty...I mean big butts jiggle on TV while dancing to hot rap songs, tupac said it best. Exotic dancers appear in some of the videos and that why BET use to play uncut. You gotta notice that the producers and even the dj spinners in the club are playing more ethnic music now too. Why? Well it has more drums to move to and shake to. Some of the Hotties like Melyssa Ford and Buffie the Body have made it to celebrity status just because they have a phat azz, nothing else special about them really.

Of course the ultimate thing to watch on the internet is nelly tip drill video. Man this has to be the greatest piece of bikini images ever dealing with music. I have thumbnails and all to prove it. From game girls to other beautiful women on the world wide web it's all good. Even when you are looking for Jennifer Lopez nude. Whoa!