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hip-hop dance lessons for teens in los angeles

hip-hop dance lessons for teens in los angeleship-hop dance lessons for teens in los angeles have been on the rise evry since the movie "Rize came out at the movies and especially when it hit the DVD world. These kids are so talented that it's not even funny.

Plus the dancing keeps the L.A. kids out of trouble like gangs. There is not much to do in some of the inner cities like LA if you are being brought up in a broken home and around pure thugs.

You can either bang to stay alive, sell drugs to stay paid or dance to release stress and try to keep a positive mind set about your job at McDonalds or something similar.

The form of dance that is most popular out west is not breaking or popping like it use to be.

The new form of dancing is called Krumping or Clowning. The two styles are very different too. Even though it origanated as clowning from a guy named Tommy the Clown it evolved into a different style now. crumpers and clowns

They are both very intense and you have to be in shape to do it. If you have not seen the movie Rize then you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. I would advise you to run over to your local Hollywood or BlockBuster video and rent it ASAP. If you are lazy then you can do the NetFlix thing but whatever you do just watch it.

There are many dance studios popping up around the west coast area especially out in Los Angeles but to really get your learning down pack you are going to have to hit the streets. I don't think there is a video made to date that will show you how dedicated these dancers are out there. Trust me I have seen some vids and I have seen the real thing on the streetz and it's very, very, very different. You can't teach form with the music you have to feel it period. It's not a 5,6,7,8 thing it's a Pop Lock and Drop It thing straight up. This is not an opinion of mine either this is real hardcore fact. If you learn ow to rock off of a tape and hit the park or club with those moves you are going to get serious embarrassed or hurt, feelings and all. Keep it real and hit the block for the real deal with crumpers or clowns.