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haystack the rapper a white music artist

Is this just another Bubba Sparxxx from the dirty south?

haystack the rapperHave you really heard a song from haystack the rapper, tell the truth.

I know you have been playing the tracks but are you listening. I learned how to do networking a long time ago and this guy has to have some friends. Why do I say that.

Well he is not that goos of a rap artist but yet his connections are helping him push to the forefront of hip hop in the streets. Almost like Paul Wall.

Here is a news flash, the hottest rap phenoms to come out of Tennessee were eight ball and MJG. Plus he ain't no Bubba Sparxxx. Right!! When was the last time you heard of them doing anything big other than signing with Bad Boy records which wasn't all that great.

I spent some time finding some photos and reading some journaling about this dirty south artists and I wasn't that impressed. I read about trilogy and I heard some cuts also taking a close look at Car Fulla White Boys. What? The blogs on that alone crushed alot of his chances to get anywhere close to the Billboard top 100.

Not even close to an Eminem but making his way to the hiphop arena.

Online you have to know that journals like this one will be written so you have to play your cards right. Blogging is a serious thing amonst the hip hop community and they will roast you if you are not careful of your image and vision in the music industry. You see sharing information and posting classifieds makes it easy to rate a hip-hop artist online. Social rappers like haystack have to be on point. He has to mind his pics and keep groups of fans informaed about what he is doing and I'm not talking about on Myspace. Maybe he should have a marketing team build him a forum where fans and bands can join and hear audio clips of some new songs. Remember album sales go up when people know what you are capable of. A record sales when people believe in your talent, cds will do about as well as an mp3 if played right in the market.

Being on an independent ticket can drive an average artist like him pspcrazy. Straight Looney!! A Portraight Of A White Boy only goes so far in hip hop. You have to be like Petey Pablo...Yes, thirsty for success. We are in the future baby Blue Ray Disc and MP3's not VH1 cassettes or VCR. Some pretty deep discussion forums are brewing about this dude and I suspect you will come across some of them if you search Google. In the meantime I will not be shopping for the album in stores anytime soon.