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dr hip hop radio, Who is he?

What does lige klassisk p3klub radiovisen mean

dr hip hop radioNot that I have a degree but I call myself dr hip hop radio.

Why because I jam all the rap cuts from the 1980's to the present in my car, home internet...anywhere sirius will play.

Anytime you have this much time to devote playing rap music I would consider you a doctor of somekind in hip-hop. Whenever I am feeling moody I can prescribe an entertainment pill to myself at absolutely no cost or risk of overdose. Music is a different type of high. this is why MP3's and iPods do so well in the market.

Let me ask you this. Have you ever heard of this... lige klassisk p3klub radiovisen. Now wait, before you answer that question I would like you to know that I spent 3 and a half years in germany and I have no idea what that means.

I heard one of my hip-hop myspace friends use it in a forum. We were speaking about the rap industry when he typed it so I would assume that he was speaking out on internet audio in the form of some type of broadcasting.

If you have the answer to the above question email it to me please.

Hot 97 FM is one of the most respectable and most listened to hip hop and freestyle poetry stations on this planet earth.

i know this won't be big news to you but I will say it anyway. Okay here I go. If you don't know or have never heard Sirius broadcasting, stop reading this article and go Google it right freaking now. Are you kidding me? This is the best thing to hiphop music since Jay-Z..opps! Did I say that out loud. Seriously though man, musik got much better now that this exist. Now you don't have to listen to the same ole' boring stations in your city anymore than what 30 minutes. That's all I can take from Greg Street here in Atlanta. Ryan Cameron is no better either. All they do is play down south rap. It gets a little annoying after 30 minutes.

But when that happens I simply switch my satellite network to my favorite channels and BAM! Instant change and gratification. Unless you are a Hip Hop Honey standing butt naked in front of me I don't think you can compete with the woody that feeling brings. Hah-hah...just kidding. I don't actually get a stiffy but I do get a great feeling. I like having control over my audio whether it's recorded on disc or live via the internet or air waves.

I am now looking into this podcasting thing so keep and eye out for an article from me about that. I have been reading some pretty good musik blogs about it but I still don't have the hang of it. Once i do you will be the first to know if you are on my mailing list. Until then, Peace, love and music my friend.