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britney spears with no panties pictures

So brittney doesn't do underwear and breathes the crotch

britney spears with no panties pictures

 Yeah we have the britney spears with no panties pictures for you. What was she thinking?

I can understand letting the kitty cat run free but you do know those black and silver flashy things are cameras right Brit?

The pics are crazy and somewhere there is a guy who actually has some video footage in his collection. Talking about toxic hello. Celebrities need to understand that gallery of photos are being created with the mishaps they encounter on what seems like weekly.

Brittney not wearing underwear to cover the crotch is nothing new to women but the fact that she got caught on film is a major fanbase problem. These are like Buffie the Body pics ya' know! She is completely out of control. I can't begin to imagine the amount of guys who have at least one of these photos as a wallpaper on their computer..ha-ha. If I were you Brit I would just stick to my lyrics and making hot videos. Not the kind Paris Hilton makes but you know the ones they play on MTV or VH1. Stop running around half nude and naked because there are thousands of digital cameras and professional photographers watching you and hoping you will make the mistake again.

extremely hot pictures of britney spearsI look at blogs aften and the journals I have been reading on this chick are horrible. I mean cutting her hair and going bald headed is too much. The gossip in the internet streets is that she is straight up crazy. I don't know if she will ever be able to do music again. I mean with the baby and divorce of Kevin Federline it's looking real dark for the entertainment career. She has done everything from kiss Madonna to kick doors. I think she has been scared by the bad marriage she went through. To be honest I think she is still in love with Kevin.popstar

Extremely hot pictures of brittney I didn't know she did this.

I just hope no home movies of those two show up on the internet I think that would be the straw that broke the cammels back. She is a great pop star singer but she is ruining her legacy every single day. Many people are lining up for interviews and I think Barbara Walters is the first one in the line. People just want to know what the hell is going on with her.

America is use to celbrity gossip but she is more chaotic than usual. I hope narcotics are not involved here. We just witnessed with Anna Nicole Smith what drugs can do if used. Britney Spears poster pics are not hanging on the same walls that sponsored here when she released opps I did it again, now that's a major probelm and you just need to come back home little mamma and stop acting crazy out there in the hollywood media.