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britney spears crotch photo shots are available

The No Panties Pictures Is Really One for The Books

britney spears crotch photo shots

So you searched all over for britney spears crotch photo shots and have not found them. Well look no further because we have the toxic celebrity right in your eye. We all have tried to answer the severe questions of why she would run around Los Angeles with no underwear on. Now isn't Brit a mother now? Last time we checked she had a child and then Opps I Did It Again, Bam! Another child. Along with that she is leaving the father, Kevin.

Most people in the music industry believe she did this to boost up her sinking career. You know like Madonna did back in the day by creating a bunch of controversy.

Remember, press sells albums if you are a super, I'm sorry...MEGA STAR recording artist. So you say now is she using these tactice again? I mean she received so much attention after kissing Madonna on stage in 2003 at the MTV awards show. Do you think this is why she has cut here head bald too? I mean between showing breast and beaver pics she is on a roll.chaotic

Britney Spears no panties pictures will surely get her all over the Blogosphere, newcasts and major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Don't know if she planned this running around town with Paris Hilton in an SLR without the undies but it has really helped the ratings of her personal website and name.

I wonder what Mr. Kevin Ferderline has to say about this entire ordeal. It won't help him with his career but it will probably help him in the court room. I'm sure he doesn't know anything about the rumors going around about the bare bottom as part of a plan from Brad Pitts film Babel. Now I have not seen the movie but there is something about a Japanese schoolgirl who is seriously in need of some attention. This youngster goes around flashing the crotch at many onlookers in restaurants etc...etc. From what I hear the looks on the faces of the people are appealing to her. So if the rumor is true then Spears is blasting off with the exact same crazy tacticle behavior.

Hollywood expects drama and action so she is lining up some of the best performances in those categories. I don't know if this will expect her music in the future and I don't even know if she can come out with another album after all these antics. Paris Hilton and Keven Ferderline have ruined here rep so much that she may have lost all of her natural fanbase. Creating a new image is really hard to do in the entertainment business so she has her hands full. I will be watching popbytes and looking for scoops on Bald Brit. The media will be watching too so that makes my job very easy. Just search your favorite celebrity blog and Bam, she will be there if anything else gets chaotic.