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biography of rapper 50 cent of New York

The discography is just as impressive too

What is the biography of rapper 50 cent of new york? biography of rapper 50 centWell we know that his name is Curtis Jaskon but did you know that he is a third? Yup! III is in his blood. This was news to me. He was born July 6th in 1975 in the neighborhood of Queens.

Now the important part of that is he was raised in South Jaimaica Queens in the NYC.

In this bio it's also important to mention that he was raised by his grandparents. Damn! No mother or father to look after him while growing up. Can you imagine looking at The Door everyday wondering if your parents would come through it.

The Head member of G-Unit is a hip hop legend and he hasn't been rapping that long!

Curtis allegedly sold some drugs and did some other illegal things before having a son and taking a rap career seriously and creating a very impressive discography. You seen the movie.

I'm glad he did this though because it provided hip hop with massive photos of success and multi-platinum albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. As a celebrity rap artist it must be hard to grasp selling over 21 million albums all across the world. Reviews say that he is not just a gansta rapper but a serious business man.

From downloads to tours he is raking in millions. the house he bought that Mike Tyson use to stay in proves that. The crib cost over 10 million dollars. There are some similar rap artist with these stats and they mostly come from the Aftermath dynasty. Who you ask? Well Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Dr. Dre' and Busta Rhymes.

50Cent has a real melodic type flow in his music and in interviews he tends to be soft spoken. He is very intelligent though. In the videos you see alot of flossin' but that's not really his style.

 Fans need to know this because you can hear him on radio and think the opposite. I have come across some websites that project this but what they should know is that Curtis Jackson is making major moves. Think about it, he owns G-Unit, he did a deal with Reebok and is talking with Steve Jobs of Apple Computers about a model iconed after him. Whoa. You do know the boys at Apple are billionaires.

The world wide web is making rap artist like 50 super large. He is not just a star he is a superstar like the owner of shady records eminem. I predict that his next album will also go multiplatinum. He is officially part of not just african history but american culture. Unlike black gospel music his songs are heard by millions of people in the streets. Kanye West said it best 50Cent is a rap mogul...a pure beast. The lyrics are not on the level of a Nas but the melodic expression will work for many years to come. Remember he is acting too so look for him to try a pull a will smith move.