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Many Wonder About beyonce jay z break up

beyonce jay z break up may be one of the most talked about topics amongst bloggers and other hip hop and RnB fans on the internet and off of it.beyonce jay z break up

When this powerhouse couple hooked up people wondered if it was for real. Hell I even thought that Beyonce was just the new jumpoff for an older Jigga Man.

I mean when you are worth about $300 million and making moves like buying into basketball teams it just seems that all you need is a hot chick to rock as an arm bracelet. However, it seems like most of the hip-hop fans are wrong. Looks like they may even be getting married sometime soon. I know that Jay-Z better go ahead and put a bun in the oven though.

Everybody knows that if he slips even a little bit there is a gang of other rich superstar Rappers who will be barking up the tree of Lady "B". When looking for pictures on these two you can come across all kind of information and rumors but no one person really knows what they have planned. All we can do is hope that they bring a child into this world and last long enough for that girl or boy to do some major things within' the entertainment industry. For sometime other rumors about him and superstar pop singer Rihanna have been getting it crackin'. I mean he did sign her and it was never clear on how they met. Whatever the case Jay is in a very good position because they are both really fine to me. I wonder if there will be a secret wedding for these two love birds though. I think there are some people saying that they are scoping out some island locations to do the damn thang.