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bet's hip-hop countdown

bet's hip-hop countdownbet's hip-hop countdown is better known to the teenagers and pre adults as Bet 106 and Park.

Sure they might have had another type of countdown like the Rap Basement with Big Tigger but nothing and I do mean nothing competes with the 106 and Park cast.

At one point the Uncut videos were hot and kept kids up until four o'clock in the morning watching them but even they could not compete with "The Park". Anytime a superstar rapper such as Bow Wow or Young Jeezy appears the ratings and viewer numbers go through the ruff. Not to mention the type of money advertisers pay to be featured during the spot of this popular show.

I don't watch it alot but when I do get a chance to view the show i'm always paying attention to what the artist say and do. I'm really into a well rounded and professional artist and not just some guy or chick from the hood who has nothing but street knowledge.

There are some classic interviews though and those were the interviews of Outkast, Ice Cube and LL Cool J. If you didn't get a chance to see these episodes I would search the web for them they were really good.

A countdown is always something that will catch the attention of the entertainment world.

The minute you setup a top ten for anything it creates competition and usually means there are going to be some votes by the fans and viewers. Think about it that's how the companies make more money from you. Example they setup a contest or ask a question like who is the best RnB singer Omarion or Ne-Yo, then they say call in and vote or send a text to blha blah blah number. See, money in the bank for them. Some of the extra coricular activities thay have going on too are inetresting and aprt of keeping ht e attention of the audience like performing live and Friday's rap battles etc.

I remember the classic episode where Destinys Child was walking on the stage to perform and Michelle with her goofy self fell. Man that was the funniest thing I had seen all month at that point. If you actively watch vids then you will also see and even archive major slip ups like this. Be on the looout for these type of duddy clips because they make for great Youtube post.