Yung Joc the Rapper - A Pure Superstar

The Yung Joc - You Know It's Going Down

Atlanta is swelled up with great musicial talent. Now guess what. So you are asking yourself just who isYung Joc?

The radio wavs have been giving you a massive headache with the smash hit "I Know You See It" and you barely know this guy.

Well stop guessing and stop planting yourself on the couch trying to catch the next videos featuring him. The answer is he is a determined rapper from the ATL.

Young Joc if I may has stormed the hip hop world to let us know that there is plenty of room at the top of any game. Just listen to the ringtones on your neighbors phone when it rings. The hip-hop culture has locked down the entertainment biz and rules the market when it comes to music downloads too. I listen to lyrics closely to see if a new artist can really ride the track and this fine artist has done well for himself.

One of the hottest rappers to come up and out of Atlanta, Georgia

Bad Boy Records needed him too. Diddy is a brilliant businessman even though I think he needs to chill on making albums. somebody please tell da rap mogul the news for me. Next time that cost more than ya' moms house. Keep it in perspective, nah mean?

I actually had a chance to see him in action down at da "For Sisters Only" gig here in Atlanta along with dj unk. You should have seen all the fans doing the motorbike dance. The music was loud and da excitement level was incredible. I was on my way to get a funnel cake when all of a sudden I heard the music and about 2,000 girls scream any, many, miny, it was bananas.

Atlanta has many things that will surprise you on an entertainment level and yungjoc is just one of many. I like his flow and I find myself wondering if he has the ability to stick around like an LL Cool J. Well that might byou here yourself reciting "Meet Me At The Mall" it's going down...just remember that the person who penned the words is living a crazy nice life and pushing whips e pushing it huh? Nevertheless his music has made down south history and you will here from him at least one more time.

Check back with me on this website here because whenever that happens I promise you that I will be one of the first to know due to my geographical position. Down South baby! We keep it gully and we keep it moving all around from Morehouse to Spellman ya dig. Make sure you visit with us regularly as we proceed to take this information on hiphop to an entirely different area than most of your other rap sites on the net. You will be surprised at da info you get. Things like Fergie in a Thong. Holla!