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Women in Rap Videos Sexy Pictures

Hip Hop Honeys Are Starring the Video

Women in rap videos is becoming the normal thing when it comes to rappers making a music today. I mean you cannot turn on the TV or listen to the lyrics on the radio without one of them talking about a fat booty or making love to one. The newspaper The New York Times had a field day when they did an article on hiphop models. Music news constantly reports female exploitation and that's why we no longer see BET's uncut anymore.

Yo the Tip Drills Video is crazy for ever and a day!

Josh Howard, Hampton, NY

The black music video that includes the vixens like Buffie the Body and newcomer to the scene from Flavor of Love Deelishis constantly have these women bending over and wearing minimal amount of clothing including bikini thongs. It use to be funny to see it but now it's an epedimic. Enetertainment and black women period are be degraded. I came to this conclusion after Halle Berry recived an Oscar for Monster's Ball after screwing a white dude who's dad was a pure racist. What?women in rap videos

That was stupid on the behalf of the Oscars and they could have picked a better film to give this celebrity acctress an award for.

Hell I would have even settled for Cat Women and that movie was horrible.

The problem is huge superstar rappers like Nelly who is the brain child behind Tip Drills thinks that hip-hop actaully needs these females to sell albums. I disagree. I don't mind looking at these chicks don't get it twisted, I'm just saying that they don't have to be present in every got damn video I see dealing with rappers and hip-hop.

Some very high powered females at Spelman College was all over BET when Nelly dropped his Vid and then when Ludacris followed with Pussy Poppin'...WHOA! MTV never bought into the hype and kept far away from the uncut video craze. TV was basically a soft porn show around 3am in the morning. Some of the songs were hot but the film footage was absolutely absurd. sub par camera work with boobs and girls half drunk in strip clubs is not a real video. Most of the honeys were college school students little b-girls with really tight clothes looking all ghetto.

When you listen to hip hop music or watch a youtube clip it's evident that the kings of party and footage are the hiphop honeys. I mean where did Tila Tequila come from to be almost famous on myspace? See what I'm talking about? All the forum hotlinks sow signs that it is only going to get worse and much bigger with these chicks. With the fires of music gossip fueling the drives the money will get larger too and media will help to support it all.