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Wild Style Graffiti Letters Are Hard To Tag

Murals are created on trains and other platforms using this form

Wild Style Graffiti Letters  are some of the most commonly used from of characters to tag buildings and trains. the subways in New York City is full of this type of street art.

Wild Style Graffiti Letters

You can even find an incredible stussy gallery of pictures around the downtown area of the city. Long ago in 1999 I was just learning about this type of tagging when hiphop grafiti had just hit really big overseas. I received some tips about what and where to buy the best spraypaint to perform it too.

Now this is how you kick it with an aresol can in the hood baby, Yes!!

89I even remember bombing some murals on windows and getting caught when I was younger but I will never forget the skills I learned. Now you can get lessons on this street art by owning any pc or mac computer. You can even download free fonts and typefaces. Truetype macintosh owners can really do a great deal of damage with graffiteiros because they are built for that of complex design and activity.

But what will you need in your bag to be a certified tagger? Well lets see, when I go to design grafiteur I take several sprayer cans about a spraydosen, myfonts, a sprayburkar and some characters pictures I drew prior to breaking out. Sometimes you can carry this equipment in a milkcrate instead of a tagger bag. When you are ready to run a busyworkshop you must have a supreme about of confidence and one true saxon of a partner to look out for transit or any other kind of cops.

Sometimes when I start my outlines for the bombs I keep two or three look outs especially when it's a big mural or tribute to something or someone like a  Beyonce   , Tupac or Biggie Smalls. I do most of the dirt at night so my lookouts can't doze off or scare easy either. Krylon and scritor is to expensive to waste or not finish a tag with.

I'm not as good as most dedicated tagging artist but I can hold my own against any that have not been around for at least 9 years. I have trained with many from all over including France, Germany, UK and the Netherlands. And let me tell you that these guys and girls are very serious about what the foundry work they do.