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Why Was Rapper TI Arrested

Celebrity Gossip Has Found Clifford Harris Again

So Why Was Rapper TI Arrested anyway? Well Cliff Jr. was jailed because he setup a gun buy through his bodyguard which turned informant on him after the feds completed a sting operation. Why Was Rapper TI ArrestedWhat kind a guns you ask, well try three machine guns with two silencers.

I'm not sure what he was planning to do with those guns but whatever it was it could not have been a good thing and that's what the federal police cracked him down for on top of other sh*t.

Celebrity Gossip is usually about fashion or who is dating who in the entertainment world but T.I. goes and gets a federal case which got him locked up and then released on house arrest until the court hearing date.

Plus he had a hook up because he only gave the bodyguard $12,000 for the weapons.

Now don't forget when this transpired T.I.P. was already a convicted felon so he was not suppose to be anywhere near those guns. Incase you need a short history lesson he was arrested in 1998 for felony drug charges which means he was moving major weight. Nothing like the American Gansta Frank Lucas but never the less dealing.

Atlanta molded the rap artist as a rough individual growing up in South West district in Bankhead. If it wasn't for rap lyrics and motion pictures he would probably be dead right now. Music has saved hundreds of urban youth now turned professional rappers. they are not role models they are just individuals who have talent and use it to eat a good meal everyday.T.I.P., rapper from Atlanta

Celebrities need to understand this and so do fans for the most part. This way when drunk fights and girls get caught on video giving them head and all it's not that big of a deal. They are just entertainment. Hip Hop star Jay-Z understands that very well.

I'll tell you celebrities that don't get it and that's Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. They can act completely nuts by showing off crotch shots and jumping on couches and still think they are public icons. WHAT?

Kanye West is trying to clean up his act but he is still way to conceited to be a role model. This is why you should just turn to BET or VH-1 as entertainment news and viewing only. These hip-hop artist provide us a service and we pay them to be in these videos and provide us with music mp3's to listen to and download online.

If they happen to make the BBC News like a Snoop Dogg for fighting or something, Whatever!