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So Why Did Roy Orbison Wear Sunglasses Frequently?

Most People Wear Shades To Be Cool

Why Did Roy Orbison Wear SunglassesWhy Did Roy Orbison Wear Sunglasses is the question and the simplest answer would be to say that he was just cool like most rappers I know.

Take Ice-T for instance an ole' skool rap artist that he always wearing shades. However, he wears them because he is a Pimp and I don't think Roy is that so that leaves another answer.

He wore those signature black shades because it was part of the image he wanted to portray which was a bad boy like most music entertainers of his day. He also could be spotted often sporting a black leather jacket.

I'm from Texas just like he was and that's how we do things in that state. Plus as a musician and music producer I can relate to keeping a good image. I don't have awards like he did but my biography is also pretty damn impressive.

Back in the day bands rocked crowds and used shades to hide their eyes due to lack of sleep, drug usage or image. I didn't know Roy like that but he was a partier which means he could have been a drug user as many musicians in his day were.

Rap music artist and rock and roll bands party hard and with women and drugs it can be hard to face the media without hiding eyes to show redness.