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Where Is Bootz On Flavor of Love

She Has A Flava Full Calender Photo Shoot Going

where is bootz on flavor of love

The question is where is bootz on flavor of love show? Well as you can see she is definatelt out taking pictures and getting some of this hip hop model money.

The season 2 VH1 show mad her a semi-professional video vixen too. I have even read some forum post where people are asking about footage of this chick taking a shower.

hoops from flavor of loveI know that the calender thing has her networking around states like Washington and Atlanta.

Alot of magazines are lining up to take some photos and even some more television networks are looking for interviews from her. Gossip has it that she is actually the best one for additional VH1 marketing for shows instead of Deelishis or Hoopz.

We know that Tiffany has the joint "I Love New York" but will there be another season of that or will Vh1 bring back one of the the former honeys. Who knows, it might end up being that ya' boy Chance gets his own show.

Celebeality is very weird and it's about ratings and money for the major networks. As long as there is some room for an audience to cling to some entertainment it will keep going like Real World and Survivor. Forums and journalist are predicting another show but I persoanlly don't see it due to the fact that known of these men who are on New York'images1/Buckeeypic3.gif">

User Ratings online count and I don't see many people talking about these episodes in forums and I don't read any blogs from bloggers who even want to discuss the shows. They would rather talk about Buffy the Body Media is big and they make or break what networks are trying to do for years to come. Bootz has many pics that she is floating around the internet so here chances of getting a movie or reality show are extremely slim. Celebrity gossip says that her and Deelishis are beefing a little, what about they didn't go into detail but when you reach semi-star status it can be almost anything. Kinda like Jessica Alba Revealing things.Bootz

I wonder what would have happened if Ms. Boots would have won and been the one Flava Flav chose. I know I'm not the only person who has thought of the outcome between them two. She seemed like she wasn't really into ya' boy though especially the episode where she was shaking that booty infront of LLoyd Banks and his boys. She was really trying to get in where she could fit in. When she did that she broke all the house rules of the street hustle game. You can't play it like that and expect to win anything. What was she thinking?