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Where Does Hip Hop Come From

Hip-Hop Came to Be From Many Different Things

Where Does Hip Hop Come FromOkay where does hip hop come from and who is the real originator. Man you can really get mixed into some things if you ask a rap artist this question. It's not really something you can pick up a newspaper article and read about in the library history scrolls.

The news has to some from people who were actually there in the burroughs of New York. You have to mention a cetain dj, breakdancer, rap artist and graffiti artist to pull it all together.

Hip-Hop music has become an entertainment icon around the world and not just in the united states. So the main question is when did it start, where did it start and how did it start? I have to tell you that nothing answers that question better than Wikipedia or the massive website

Click either one of those links and you will run across thousands of words that will explain hip hop. You will run right into big historical names like Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and Don Campbell.

Student media outlets at historical black colleges can give detailed information as well. Music News from the college media also provides photos and usually have a great network od students that honor hip-hop and have regular meetings about this and the culture period.

You won't find them in the classifieds in the newspaers just on the campuses, maybe on some flyers or something. Pics are important when reading about this multi-billion dollar culture too because you need to know what the historical folks who started this massive industry and community looks like.

Friends cannot describe this to you and the urban community cannot explain it verbally it is something that you definately have to read and experience for yourself through pics and other photos. black entertainment is growing and constantlt evolving so the quicker you start the more you will have to learn and you can get up to speed much faster. I can personally tell you that the part introducing graffiti is going to take at least 3 days of reading if you do it 12 hours per day alone. All the way to MP3 from vinyl records you will be learning many years of history. Famous hip hop artist female and all have come a long way since 1978. Celebrity Gossip will tell you that. Hiphop is hear to stay and the stories of r b singer icons like Mary J. Blige and others who mix well with rap artist are here to stay too.

Popular ones will go down in rap history like Rock and Roll stars. Even the gansta rap artists like N.W.A. who went on to break up and form massive record and production comapanies for music and movies.