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When Was Will Smith Born and Where

The Generic Biography of Actor Will Smith

When Was Will Smith BornMany fans want to know When Was Will Smith Born and the answer to that question is pretty simple to answer.


Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born on September 25th in the year of 1968 and yes he was raised in West Philadelphia just like he said in his Bell Air Rap.

That's the short Biography of Actor Will Smith you can read the rest at Wikipedia if you want more detailed information. I want to speak freely about this dude because I really like him. Will smith's Childhood was a bit rough but he never indulged in drugs or any of the other sellout story bullcrap that your typical rapper sells. His life story is a bit more softer.

I say that with a great deal of respect though because his parents did divorce when he was thirteen and that was kinda of rough on him. He has some siblings but I never really found out How Many Brothers and Sisters he has.

His autobiography may tell you that if you a searching for fact file information.

His parents splitting is what makes his marriage to Jada Pinkett strong. If you ever watched the fresh prince of bell air then you would have noticed that the show became more family oriented in the later years and that was due to his first born child which was a son by the way.

Ever since his first marriage failed which devastated him he has been on a pursuit of happiness and family responsibility. Hence the reason he and Jada produced the television series "All of Us" which was losely based on his real life situation.

Some people know him as a rapper but most fans are part of his movies and superb acting talent. He has been a part of some serious acting and among my fvorite films are as followed.

  • i-Robot
  • I Am Legend
  • ALI
  • Enemy of the State
  • Independence Day
  • Pursuit of Happiness

He has been a part of more but those are my favorite to date. I enjoy seeing how he dedicates himself to the roles and stays on straining fitness programme diets to meet the part head on. This is what makes his pictures and movies sell in the millions. If I'm correct he is commanding around $15 to $20 million dollars to be on the silver screen.

It hard to believe that he is also a rapper until you throw in chart topping soundtracks like Bad Boys and Men In Black. This guy is a well rounded individual and he is just getting started. It won't be long before Tom Cruise will have to bow down to his numbers at the box office. Hollywood loves will and as a celebrity out there he is well respected.