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What Is Deelishis Real Name

London Charles or top eye candy models deelishis

What Is Deelishis Real NameThat is the answer to your question What Is Deelishis Real Name. She has become very popluar in the hip hop world just like her arch nemisis Tiffany Pollard on Flavor of Love. Despite her keyloids from the car crash she was in prior to getting on the show this hip hop honey has turned her big booty into cash.

HHMCLondon Charles or AKA Deelishes is now kicking it around super star heavy weight video vixens such as Buffy the Body. Unlike most of the women in this business she also has a back up plan becuase her daughters father is wealthy. I don't know his name I just know that he is envolved in realestate and doing extremely well.

Now that's more than I can say for London's music career which sucks. The video she recorded for the song Rumpshaker was whack and never went anywhere accept it got some views on youtube.

7Even her breakup from flavor flav was less attractive to the media unlike his parting from the fine ass hoopz. People want to know What happened with Flav and Deelishis but the information is buried or the media just doesn't care to report it. Sources say that she can sing but to be honest I don't want to hear an album I just want to see her naked.

Free pictures are floating all over the Internet especially the photos from Smooth Mag and their are some rumors of some exposed tape of her having sex with Flavor Flav. Whoa!

If that footage exist then please let me know because I would like to see Ms. Charles giving head with those boobs displaying. I doubt she will be on the Flavor of Love 3 Tik lineup of the season show due to lack of excitement. She is nowhere near explosive as Tiffany Pollard AKA New York.

phat azz galleryHere is the good thing though. because she has such a big round butt you will always be able to read some celebrity gossip about her kinda like Kim Kardashian. Black blogs will always have something to say about the woman especially if she keeps showing up in videos like Paul Walls.

No doubt this now accaliamed video vixen is in the enetertainment social networks and pics will be rated and movies will apear on youtube about her for a long time.