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What Do Other Rappers Think of Eminem

Is Slim Shady The Great White Hype

Stop asking What Do other Rappers Think of Eminem because it's a fact that 99 percent of them like him. He has been accepted by the hip hop world as a certified rap artist that is not a joke or token white boy.

What Do Other Rappers Think of EminemIf you have ever heard his lyrics then you know that he is nothing like Vanilla Ice or MC Search from 3rd Bass. "EM" is an official lyricist that has madd skills and a smooth delivery.

So what else can we say about Slim Shady outside of his rapping? Well as you know he is always in the news about something but mainly his daughter. If you have an online service for Internet then you know that he is covering international press as well as U.S and BBC News monthly.

Photos and personal bio sites of Eminem go up on the web from fans constantly and it makes it very hard to keep up with everything. The world is full of people who want to report news so that why blogs and bloggers are special to the music industry. It doesn't matter if you are foreign or statewide it's all valuable information.

Slim ShadyThe UK is pretty direct about reporting things so celebrities are on their best behavior when they arrive in the United Kingdom. Their fans are a little more crazier too. From what I understand when Slim Shady went overseas to perform for the Marshall Mathers album he was welcomed with fainting women and crying dudes.

The results of an American Star hitting the overseas market is absolutely bananas especially in Japan. Beyonce spoke on that and said it's the most difficult country to tour because of the language barrier. Hip hop news is always reporting mishaps that occur while on tour 'cause usually a rapper goes to jail for something stupid like carrying a gun or smoking weed.

Similar artist to Eminem have these problems of police hounding them due to their mega status. Stars like p diddy and even dr. dre get this mess when their out. The best thing to have when on a tour is a group of friends to divide some of the attention up and block those flashing lights from cameras. He always tries to represent knowing that in about 30 minutes to an hour his photos will hit the Internet in forums and other celebs galleries.

Black entertainment runs the hip hop arena but this dope white rapper is always and will be for a long time a part of that world. Plus he brought famed New York rap artist 50 Cent to the table to make rap music that much better. Curtis Jackson brought the G-Unit and helped The Game get it crackin' so music is all good around the After Math / Shady Records block.