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Watch Papoose Videos on Hip Hop

This Rapper is A Breathe of Fresh Air

watch papoose videosIf you have ever heard his music then you want to watch papoose videos live.


Well when you hear what he is saying then you automatically want to envision what he gestures are. He is a rap sensation like Paul Wall that hit the internet and the mixtape circuits with a driving force. If you mention the hottest rappers on mix tapes in the New York area there is no way you can get around hearing the name.

So what does a rapper like Pap do for hiphop and where does he fit in. Well he brings irreplaceble version lyrics in a manner that not many artist can duplicate and that's good. When he drop air it out the streets went crazy. Another rapper named MIMS is trying to rep New York too and it's a pure fight to the top for these two cats. Ontour people like Busta Rhymes let him tag along to get some money but nithing solid has come about yet.

Jeannie Ortega an okay singer has him featured on her song but I think she is on an independent label so that does nothing for riding around in Mercedes-Benz CLS's or buying million dollar cribs to flaws on MTV. I guess songs like alfabetical slaughter or move on girl let me go don't grab the attention of major labels to take him on as a serious project. Either that or he is getting big figures staying Indie.

I download free music all the time and I have listened to all the songs that he has released on Mp3s and only a few raise my eyebrows like the joint he has called what's happenin. The blogging community of hip-hop heads fill the forums speaking of him but everybody is devided 50/50 on whether he can bring New York back some juice. Looks like MIMS is winning in that department with "This Is Why I'm Hot". The last message board I read said that his last mix cd was garbage. Radio play upnorth for this dude is pretty slim too. I stay down here in the south and he defiantely doesn't get any airplay around these parts.

He's been networking though. As I mentioned before he was on Busta Rhytmes remix Touch It and did pretty good. That was the most I ever heard any lyrics he spit on a radio. The video was played in heavy rotation on MTV and BET so he received alot of exposure there. I guess he will have to do somemore grinding to reach the limelight to get some of this platinum record money. For now his pic will continue to circulate around the intenet and the sharing of videos from places like YouTube and Myspace will help him out alot too. The social giant that Tom created on My space is crazy and the pictures on his site are doing pretty good for Publicity.

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