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Is There Any Place I Can Watch Hip Hop Videos

This is the favorite question for Bet Uncut seekers

Is there any place I can watch hip hop videos

Is There Any Place I Can Watch Hip Hop Videos

So you just got in from school or home from work, it has been a hard day and all you want to do is kick back and view some mini-movies. That's what I call them. Short films will also do. Anyway, you can't afford cable on your budget but you want to see all the hot new songs performed by your favorite artist. Where do you do? Well the internet of course. Why? Because you can literally watch for hours and as many times as you like. Most sites will even allow you copy the html code so you can display the vids on your myspace page or your blogs. Good deal huh?

Tip Drills song performed by Nelly has to be the illest vid of all times. I watch that jont at least once a month, word up!

Just because you are budgeting doesn't mean you can't see Nelly Tip Drills and those infamous afterdark BET Uncut vids. There are several places to get them so I will give you some links to these internet sites. Some will allow you to download the artist hip-hop vids and others won't. That's okay though. You may not even be into the hip hop honeys, you might just want to learn how to dance using the hiphop films. Now tha's a cool way to get your moves together for the club or B-Boy and B-Girl battles.

Make sure you have a DSL or cable internet connection when watching and also make sure your pop-up blocker is active or you will really hate the website you are on. Trust me on this once...don't fight it, you will lose everytime. MTV and BET's 106 and Park provide some preety good shows for cable TV but if you are just kicking it using the net then you will have to go to there website which are and 106 and Park. Go ahead and vote for your favorite music artist and get up on the latest news there also.

I usually go and read about the future stars that are making there own way through the music industry. I even go as far as reading and staying up on the UK rap stars. Bet you didn't know that rappers are huge overseas like that too and I'm not talking about the known cats like 50 Cent or T.I.! I am talking about the pure UK rappers that you never hear on your local radio station. Alot of them are good too.

I have not seen a video with any of the video vixens like we have here in the states yet but I am sure it is coming. Thet are considered underground right now and not because of their lyrics, it's only because of there exposure level. get online and peep them out though. You can search Yahoo Music or Google for detailed information. You are going to be better off putting in the word independent with any keyword you use to search also.

Remember that when you want to see a hip-hop artist or an R&B singer just get online with the nearest computer to view the top ten vids for music.