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View Hip Hop Dance Moves Online

Hip-Hop Dancing Animated Gifs Don't Count

View Hip Hop Dance MovesOn the internet the main thing a person wants to do is view hip hop dance moves.

There are many websites that can show you how to do this but only a few are really worthy of the challenge.

We all know that you need some good music to rock and rap music is mostly the top choice. Urban kids and surburban kids like to breakdance even cheerleaders are in on the HipHop just check your local highschool and you will see that with your own eyes.

This is a video clip from nikedup dancing by Nike

Hip-Hop Dancing Animated Gifs are sought after on many websites across the internet and Myspace graphics are mainly where you can find these pics. Friends exchange photos and backgrounds by the thousands every hour on community sites like this.

But anyway back to the topic. If you are an entertainer either professional or semi-pro you may be looking for a choreography so a video or videos might work better for you. Unless you have the money to pay a personal trainer it's also cheaper to take it to something like a DVD.

Youth like break dancing and they do it mostly for fun but if you need it as a professional then it's a little more serious.

Alot of times if you are looking for some answers you can find them in forums or blogs about Hip-Hop Dancing. You can find people who take journaling to heart and they are really Hip-Hop heads. Popping is a form that mostly takes form in the streets and not in the commercial communities. Locking is the same way and can be found in a bunch of underground clubs focusing in the states of New York and California. You can learn or find teams of dancers by ineracting with groups and hitting forums like or Mr. Wiggles. Social groups will help and give you all kind of information to smooth your moves out. Dance videos and other dvd empire products are available too. In some cases you can even see video clips live right on the websites.

So no matter if you are a novice or a person who was on carbaord since 1985 it's all good. Grab your sneakers and your fly jumpsuits and knee pads and begin the strectch excercises that will save your life at times. Unless you are blogging actively about your different techniques you will need to grab the nearest computer and join some type of forum or online group to stay current from other dancers. I wish I had the money because I would start another reality show like American Idol but for breakdancers only. Strictly Popping and Locking would be accepted and maybe some stomping the yard only because I like that movie. Something like that idea alone could be worth millions of dollars and easily see three years of nationally syndicated shows on major networks like ABC or CBS. Whoa!