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Tiffany Pollard on Flavor of Love

You Might Call Her New York

Tiffany Pollard on Flavor of LoveTiffany Pollard on Flavor of Love was the chick who was always getting the attention of the camera. She was known as a bitch that made it her business to back stab all the other women on the show including Hoopz and Buckeey.

New York was never the finest one on the show just the woman that knew how to get the ratings up and so she stayed around and made millions from her own show. If you have ever watched season one or two then you know that names like Chance and Mr. Boston are now also semi-famous.

Being that I Love New York the show took off and made mad money from millions of viewers you can now see Tiffany on TV shows like Nip Tuck and may be able to find some nude photos of her if you search the Internet hard enough.phat azz gallery

The reason I say that is because the other women that were on the show all got semi naked for magazines including Deelishes and Bootz.

I don't think you will find a sex tape just yet but if her relationship to Tailor Made fail you just may see some footage that would get her back in the lime light via porn.

3The engagement to that dude is fake to me and I don't think they will get married at all. Hell i'm even willing to say she might get a season three and bring back crazy Budda to the She thinks that she is very sexy and you will laugh at some of her pictures on her myspace page showing off those fake tits.

I love New York naked is what many male fans of this d-list star want to see but she may not be showing off that body for at least a year and a half due to the rumors of her veing pregnant. The question is who is the daddy. Is the babies daddy Flavor Flav? If so that means you would have to answer the question What happened with Flav and Deelishis.HHMC

Whatever the answers to these questions are I'm sure there is a television company willing to make money off of it by bringing it to the world via reality TV.