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Tag Graffiti Alphabet Is Hard To Create

letters take great concentration when tagging


Tag Graffiti Alphabet  has lettering that most people dream about and can't draw. I have several photos of some of the most beautiful images of grafiti you have ever seen.

Tag Graffiti Alphabet

 Digital photography of these art works surely beats stock agency pics of the works. Once I checked my local library for pictures and for answers to your question of did they have any....NO! Can you believe that?

I love the way graffito is placed on display for the world to see.

I guess tagging has to be seen where it really counts. That's right! The walls, trains and apartment buildings. I have placed my eyes on some nice joints while surfing yahoo and google for a Drawing & Illustration. The gallery is full of clipart and it's very obvious that some of ir was taken with high tech cameraphones no stock photo cameras shots like from a nikon.

In the city paper crafts of graffiti and graphic design templates are carried by kids all day long it's part of hip hop. They all have crazy skills too.

I live in the heart of Atlanta and trust me this form of art is not dead. That's why I'm writing this simple content about what the real artist call bombing.

I do a little hobby photography and design so I carry a digital fugifilm or olympus camera at all times. These cameras stay loaded with a smartmedia card, I'm looking for the one photo that I can turn into a great piece of cover story.

Once I thought I had the right photo but as I pulled up in my car to shoot the shot a Sheriff was asking me to leave and to stop glorifying what he called art crimes. Yeah right...How can he say that? In New York these painted murals are some of the most creative and most talented pieces of work ever. I looked at trains and stations there in pure amazement. I wonder if that sheriff would have seen these tags if he would appreciate them.

Most law enforcement agents don't respect these bombers they actually despise them. But people like us love them and their talent. If I could I would allow them to grab their spray paint and take it to the White House. I'm not sure if the president would like that idea but oh well. It is what it is!! With that being said I need to learn to Create My Own Garaffiti.