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TI the Rapper Is An Atlanta Superstar

So what is the real name of T.I.

TI the Rapper is the self proclaimed king of the south when it comes to this rap game. Many people think that recording artist like Ludacris or Outkast can carry the title but to be honest with you they have never really challenged him in this arena.

TI the RapperT.I. is a dirty south millionaire that likes well... i like my beat down low and pushes chevy cars for real, yes we have pictures to prove this.

This is one of the smartest Hip Hop artist I know that is making it happen in the entertainment industry.

So what is the real name of this rapping mogul? If you are thinking the letter "T" and the letter "I" were initials of the call sign like R. Kelly...WRONG! His government name is Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. Yup he is a Junior. When I read the biography I was searching to see if I could find some pics of the man who made him a JR. No luck though.

Yahoo news answers some questions about southern celebrities and Mr. Harris is a main topic all the time. Most radio stations and college media outlets can't seem to stay away from him either. With the release of his movie ATL and the grammy awards nominations he will be around making in the music industry for a very long time. Hip Hop needs "TIP" too. The newspaper AJC or Atlanta Journal Constitution has done reviews about his albums and they say he is one of the most animated artist on any label in the rap community.

Look at hip-hop DVD beef or watch any award show he appears on to perform and you will agree. BET and MTV love this dude too. Just to make sure I wasn't riding the bozack when I wrote this article I checked with groups to peep the vibe on Myspace and forums and they also feel the same way. The Raw Special Reports like VMA News and multi-billion dollar companies like Chevrolet choose this man as a icon in Hip-Hop like LL Cool J or Jay-Z. Internet Podcast Correspondence sites like provide RSS Feeds to help the average fan keep up with him too.

Now because he owns a label and is a valid check writer in the music industry like 50 Cent he is getting a massive amount of money from super successful artist like Yung Dro. I like this dude alot too because he brings some fresh styling to the game. I will be watching the future of t.i. to see if the videos with the hip hop honey pics and the musik stays current with the ever changing hip-hop culture. For now the downloads and mp3's from warez and morpheus prove that he is extra hot and killing promotion techniques.