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Swish House Rappers Paul Wall and Mike Jones

It's really SwishaHouse but I know you guys... 

Mike Jones - SwishaHouseIs Texas the state where the swish house rappers are located? Well you darn skippy it is. Houston to be exact is the place where the record label was formed and makes crazy big hits. DJ Michael better known as 5000 Watts formed this hip hop company in the 90's. Networking witha talented group of rap artist from homestead they began to make mixtapes and hit the streets. Some of the artist were life long friends and some are just affiliates through the company.

Swish House RappersSwishahouse had some of the biggest known rap artist in the industry on it's label at one time including Chamillionaire, Lil Flip and Slim Thug. Left on the roster now is Paul Wall and Mike Jones who have definately like the former stars on the roster are making big noise and big dollars. The music stays bangin' and the online marketing that they launch is incredible.

They seem to have the knack for sharing success around that camp. I'm finding that as I watch the videos and look at photos that they are making and the crew is always in full effect. Hip Hop groups and bands are always successful when they share the money and fame with one another. Chamillionaire

When you are getting the type of dough that Paul Wall and Mike jones are getting then you can do things like make movies on an independent level like Master P. and Pimp C. Not saying that these guys are great actors because they are not I'm just saying that it's an incredible opportunity to gain more revenue. Hip Hop provides alot of things and money is number one. Just look at Def Jam artist with the Video Games, I mean that's tollywood playa'. Look at the hot boys with their bass track records they cut. It's endless amounts of income to be made in the music industry ans it seems like the Swishahouse boys are at it on all ends.

I wonder how many MP3 downloads are bought on the internet through companies like itunes and all the ringtones that are sold through major phone moguls like Cingular, Verizon and Sprint. HipHop was made on the backs of breakdancers and DJs and the one big thing that they have going for them is the fact that the CEO is DJ Michael. They really figured out the way to join the ranks of other millionaire rappers in the hip-hop culture. The news is that they have just begun because now the major players are really paid. The Dirty South has just started to take the lime light within the rap community with Lil' Jon and Outkast leading the packs but it has definately trended down to the southwest. North Houston has become a center of attention for many artist on the billboard charts and I don't see where they are letting up. Telugu!