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Rick Ross the Rapper - THE BOSS

This Rap Artist Can Push It To The Limit

Rick Ross the Rapper is what I like to call a landscape architect of the hip hop streets. His lyrics are of industrial strength the way he comes across in his verses. Rick Ross the RapperI first heard him on a mixtape with another rap artist named Royce Da 5'9". Miami has embraced his style and they love his flow and certify him as one of the Florida icons along with other hip hop celebrities like Fat Joe, Plies and Trick Daddy.

Not many hip hop stars can push it to the limit especially in the south.

However, Ricky Ross can cross that line with metaphors and certain delivery like he did on the record speeding with r. Kelly and Chris Brown. Now that MP3 was almost better than the port of miami song which hit the billboard charts with a heated bullet.

I like what FL. is doing right now with their nucleus of talent with includes singer T-Pain and newcomer Flo-Rida. They are hustling down in the MIA for exposure and chart topping hits. I would elaborate on the producers Cool and Dre but i won't it's not even worth detailing.

Most artist are searching for a rise to power and with Ross being on Def Jam records he didn't have far to go to get to the top with help from Jay-Z and Ludacris. Now he is getting that street money from mixtapes and his trilla crew is eating too.

AS A little kid he was a hustler too and of course a drug dealer with movements like an older man. that's pretty much the story of the best rappers in the game right now including other down south rap entertainment like Young Jeezy and T.I.

From networking the hoods to hustlin myspace pages these dudes have mastered the art of getting money. You can depict the changes in their music video settings. If you have time just read the disography of your top hip hop and similar artist and you will see that the names of the songs are all grimey.

Yes, what they are doing could be considered destructive cult activity but to most people from the bottom it's just a way to come up. I add to that the statement that it's a way to make moves without Feds taking photos of you and watching your every move.