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Rappers From Atlanta GA Brand Dirty South

The ATL Is All About Krunk Dance Music

Rappers from atlanta ga are currently runniing the hip hop entertaiment music game. rappers from atlanta gaI mean who is selling more albums than this elite group of rap artist.

Now Gerogia has been looked over for several years in the hip-hop culture taking a back seat to states like California and New York. Not anymore though it's like being in an elite club or community for these music icons. So who am I speaking of?

Well ATL Georgia is home to let's see here...Young Jeezy, T.I., Lil 'Jon, Lil Scrappy, Dj Unk, Bonecrusher, Outkast and Ludacris. Just to be funny I will even through in Ciara. You don't need an AOL City Guide to know that these individuals have sold millions of Cds, Ringtones and apparel to the entire world. Not just the USA folks but across many other countries. GA is getting madd respect now that they have multiple platinum selling artist.

The mp3 sells alone generate enough revenue to feed a third world country for months. Most of the rappers are friends and don't mind sharing success and that's one of the main reason they have knocked NYC and Cali out of the ranks for king of hip-hop.

Better known as the dirty south Djs jocks like Greg Street and Frank Ski have been raising these artist since they were teenagers playing all the ole' skool rap that we all know and love from Tupac and Eric B. to Short Dog and N.W.A. Hip Hop had now grown into a multi-billion dollar business or industry I should say.

The South rap members from Atl, Georgia have taken it to another level with Fashion and dance tracks that sweep through clubs and city schools like a plague. Branding images of drug dealers by speaking of trapping or crossing over to Pop culture like Outkast with songs like Hey Yah!

The Clubs play Live Music for anyone of these artist and BAM you have a Krunk frenzy.

Some started out as independent rap dudes but quickly got scooped up by major labels like Def Jam only to get a massive amount of distribution for thier records. Don't get it twisted either because Young Jeezy and T.I. were selling madd units by the tousands mothly before the majors moved in. No one is doing it bigger than the south right now and what I mean by that is if you include Texas rappers like Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Slim Thug or Mike Jones you are talking about the hottest songs to hit the Billboard Charts over the last 4 to 6 years.

The amount of pics on the internet alone of these hip hop moguls are incredible and have to be well within the hundreds of thousands rage. Forums and blogging websites are crazy about the news they constantly provide and to be honest so am I. I'm from Texas and not the 30303.