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Is Rapper Lil Wayne a Jay Z Nightmare?

Who's Stuntin Like My Daddy

Rapper Lil Wayne is making claims that he is the best Hip Hop artist in the game right now. Rapper Lil WayneNow wait a minute here.

Didn't Jay-Z make that claim?

Also wasn't Hova proclaimed as the exclusive best Rap mogul living, especially in 2006.

So what's beef. Beef is when you steel the flow of J's style and make the claim of being on top afetr he re-tired and now you ride the hot single of "Show Me What You Got" track with a diss to him. Whoa! People have been reading blogs and searching forums and news feeds all over for the scoop on The Carter boy and his words to Jigga.

Stuntin Like my Daddy was a hit single that Weezy F. Baby and his poppa The Birdman put together. Oh, by the way that song was crazy hot. But what made the Weezster challenge HipHop's most prolific Rap poet? The direct statement was "I'm the best rapper alive". Now that's a man with huge nuts. I heard a couple of mixtapes and this guy is spittin' some flames. Now take that in consideration with the Cash Money he has under his belt plus the 10 plus years in the game and this spells major ego. Tattoos or skin like alphabet graffiti helps smooth over the gangster appearance too.

It's going to take a real Fireman to put out the flames between this New Orleans star and Def Jams CEO. What was he thinkin'?

 Bling Bling, which was coined by Weezy is not just a saying. He can Make It Rain anytime he wants and the album lyrics that he writes are not shabby by a long shot. However, I really think it's disrespectful to dis Jay-Z especially using the MP3 from his hit single as he entered back in the game. I'm in Atlanta and when i first heard it on the Mixtape in the streets I was not screaming Go DJ. I hit the net looking for some photos or song lyrics with some type of answer to my question. Why?

Back in the day Juvenile tried something similar to this move and got shut down. I bet you didn't know that. Now look where he is. Youngsters should learn to stay in their place. MusicVideo shoots display one thing and so do Studio albums but when you hit them streets you better be real. We are talking Def Jam against Cash Money Records here and all the appropiate affiliates. I would love to hear some type of response from Jigga but I think he is too busy counting major dollars. Not to say Weezy F. Baby don't have any of that, I'm just saying stay in your lane.

Now with all this said I would like to know where the aliances are in the music industry. What I mean by that is Fat Joe, Diddy and Jim Jones seem to be rollin' wit Wayne. But the powerhouse Jay-Z is deep in other Hip-Hop arenas. Hmmm, let's see how this one plays out. I hope nobody gets hurt.