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Rapper Lil Bootsie Lousiana Music

The lyrics of boosie can be found on Yahoo

The rapper lil bootsie is a ditry south thug that the creole people of bourbon street hood area accept in many ways. Rapper Lil says that he is one of the leading artist to come out of lousiana since BG. I have listened to some of his songs and I'm not that impressed with his style. To me he sounds like the rap artist Trina.

Lil Boosie gets reviews from the words that he writes and people in the streets love it. I might be a little biased becuase I am simply tired of hip hop right now. It just seems a bit redundant. LIL boosey..hee..hee is a small dude too.

I seen him on BET 106 and Park and the guy is a shorty doo woop.

The main song that he has Bad Azz or Zoom is sub-par by my standards. But I guess when you have been grinding for as long as he has you deserve a shot in the hip-hop industry.

Networking and blogs like give updated information on Rap artist like him in addition to large moguls who do multi-platinum album sales. Friends of mine say that he has been on underground mixtapes for a minute but I never heard any. Forums also mention the fact that has been trying to get it for a minute running in the shadows of Lil' Wayne of Juvenile.

There are not very many photos of this small gentlemen on the internet either which tells me that he is not that popular within the Hop Hop community. The release dates of his songs are not the wide spread either. I think the groups of people he hangs around need to be more supportive of his work. It just seems like he is a loner. I'm not saying that he has to join bands or news groups. I'm simply saying that when the questions come around asking of his success that the answers should come quickly about a great team. One that knows about e-mail marketing and ebay and PR reports to boost sales. Also the market in the UGK is fantastic so you can't forget about those dollars or should I say ounds over there.

Promotion is important just look at what triple six mafia and white dawg did with fantastic marketing strategies. Not to mention Florida's trick daddy and also the underground taylor boyz. It doesn't matter if you are into Texas phenom music called chopped and screwed that swishahouse exploits or if you are into the dirty south trap music style of t.o. the rapper. the name he chose is also another hurdle he has to overcome whether the camp he has knows it or not. One should be careful of what kind of rap name they select as there are a bunch of the same prefixes and lame ones that exist in the hip-hop community. Ones like lil keke, playa fly, lil flip and skinny pimp...see what I mean?