Rap Music Industry News for Hip Hop

Copyright free songs including market projection

Rap Music Industry NewsRap Music Industry News is what most people heavy in the Hip Hop game is interested in.

They want to get all the best new exclusive information on the superstars including record sales.

That's where we come in to provide you with videos for free and the best mp3 songs to listen to. You can find out about jobs and index listings for musician positions and even get the latest lyrics or downloads from napster and others alike.

So what is the industries gross domestic product is it mitapes or albums?

Copyright free songs are nothing like selling books so you have more room to bend some rules especially on the internet. Unless you run a company like About or Amazon it pretty low on the radar too. Artists and band members use to complain in hiphop blogs and breaking news forums about the information being passed on about htme but they have learned that this entertainment business can make and break their career with good and bad publicity.

I wanted to run a Hip Hop directory but it's too much work and I don't have that type of time on my hands so I just write on this website and maintain a blogging platform about hip-hop news and youth violence. This way I don't have to seek a large education of software or worry about anyone asking me for employment in the future or questions like when and where it came from. I can post about events that take place locally or in any country around the world in all genres of music. Sometimes I even write about gigs and guitars players. That's usually different becuase independent musicians and rappers are real and they grind hard.

Indie music labels provide all the information you need to get with them so doing interviews on artist or calling to speak with managers for live presentations is a cinch. You don't get internships rookie folks like when trying to reach out to the major labels. Media and magazine coverage on these starving artist is short too due to lack of funds. Mostly all you get from an indie is usually a mixtape and a pretty low buget music site. I don't even think that rappers are up on podcasting. WOW! Songwriting is cool but a live set on the internet all across the United States and Yahoo is much better. So with that being said I will try to school these cats out here! Even ti singing rap music can learn fromthe blog post.