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Pictures of Lil Wayne Rapper

Photos of The Carter 3 Artist

Pictures of Lil Wayne RapperPictures of Lil Wayne Rapper are as about as important as the news reported on him from blogs daily. Of course his lyrics keep your ears filled with all kinda of metaphors but those pics are on hundreds of myspace pages and computer desktops.

Photos of the artist who recorded the classic mixtape The Carter 3 is a future hip hop legend and Cash Money Records is lucky to have him. Baby or Brian Williams which is his daddy raised a New Orleans soldier for this entertainment business.

Even the videos are screenshots on many fans phones and more he is that popular as a rap celebrity. unfortunately he also stays in trouble with the hip-hop blogs and rap bloggers due to his constant arrest for guns and drugs. I'm not sure what type of friends he has but they are not that good to allow him to keep going to jail in places like New York and Arizona over marijuana and hand guns.

That's crazy as some of the tattoos he sports!Lil Wayne and Deelishes

Networking in the music business is a must but getting in trouble is not because it hurts your reputation and destroys fans just ask rapper Clifford Harris or T.I. who has been on house arrest and has a federal case do to his trying to buy machine guns.

I'm not sure why a superstar rap artist would want to carry a .44 Magnum when they can easily afford a bodyguard who is licensed. Be smart and stop taking the name Hots Boys to a ridiculous level or you can end up like so many dead rappers like Fat Pat.

Will Smith kept the gansta image away from his style and ended up making more money than any hip hop person I know other than some elite people like 50 Cent and Jay-Z. you can even throw in Diddy if you are having a good

Lil Weezy F Baby is the fireman which means he is hot when it comes to anything media driven including Filmography and words to songs or lyrics databases. I like this little African American due to the sponkiness he has and the dating resume he has put up which includes Trina the Rapper.

I wonder if weezy met her in tha carter.