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Pics Of Trina the Rapper

Have You Seen The Baddest Chick In A Thong?

Pics Of Trina the RapperSo you are looking for Pics of Trina the Rapper? Well look no further because we have the bomb pictures of the illest chick in the game. We searched all over the Internet just like you for news and information about Miami's finest Rap female and came up with what you see below. This way you don't have to get up in forums or networking places like Myspace to get these views.

Nas said hip hop is dead but if you ask anybody who have seen these photos they will disagree royally. Celebrities take shots all the time and we just happen to have these joints on deck...peep game!

I produce tracks and she is one of the coldest woman MC's on the block. I would love to bang beats for her

Okay, now that you have seen that portrait lets talk about the baddest chick in a thong. That's right we also have Trina in a crazy piece of G-String. Now I have been down to Miami and seen her and Trick Daddy in the club after walking the beach.

Man believe me when I tell you that the giel is crazy fine. I could not take my eyes off of her. Between hardcore rap and labels that go borderline soft porn with there female rappers she has got to be the most atractive.

I have even seen a shot or two with her posing for King and XXL magazine. WOW! What a sight to see. I don't know who had a chance to do the graphic work of develop the film but damn they were lucky. The entertainment industry is crazy like that though. Florida is known for hot bikinis and thongs though. Remember the 504 boyz and Uncle Luke? They had the clubs rocking down in the MIA and all you could see on the dance floor all through the clubs was daisy dukes and wife beaters. Trina the Rapper in a Thong

I know you were probably hoping to get somemore sexy shots of her but this is all we have. Rappers, especially female MC's don't get almost naked all the time for us to view. There is a big difference between Video Vixens and Hip Hop Honeys. I like them all though. Rapper Lil Wayne tapped that butt many times, I'm sure you knew that but I thought I would still put her out there...hee...hee. Can you blame him. No, I didn't think so.

Just like you can't blame his Baby A.K.A. "The Birdman" for breaking off Kamora Lee simmons. Damn, these thugs got it poppin' in New Orleans. When you "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" it's got to be some type of afro-dee-gee-ack. Either that or the ladies love the mass amount of money they have acquired from Rap music. I can't tell you they real reason, all I know is that if you can pull a chick like Trna you are certified Mack in my book.