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Photos of Buffy the Body - Quality Pictures

The big booty of this hip hop honey is crazy

photos of buffy the bodyThe photos of buffy the body have become some of the most viewed pics on the entire internet when it comes to hip-hop models.

She has been around fro a minute and alot of other females respect her hustle. She is ridiculously fine and I couldn't even imagine getting a lapdance from the babe.

Beautiful women are all over the internet but this chick is much different in the fact that her butt is perfect. Even Deelishis from the Flavor of Love can't touch her.

This big booty hip hop honey is a certified star amongst the rap culture and it's not hard to see why. You could come to this website everyday and still not get bored with looking at the pics. Many people come to the page to grab Buffie the Body Backgrounds, Borders, Code, Editor, HTML and MySpace Tables. That why I placed the boxes below the photos so you can knock yourself out.

If I had the loot I would sponsor a contest to see which one of the video vixens is the baddest chick on the hip hop scene. I mean I would have all of them compete especially Vida Guerra and Melyssa Ford. The entertainment would be classic and I'm sure it would last for several years as guys love to see beautiful women in bikini thongs. That's one of the main reasons Girls Gone Wild is so famous.booty clap

The eye candy that this part of hip-hop culture provides is great for men and very bad for women as a whole. When you see chicks like the game girls you have to wonder how much the pay is. KING magazine and other mags have to be paying these women some good money for them to get half naked and partially nude. It seems like as soon as they take the pics the online community gets a hold of them and they end up in picture gallery sites world wide instead of a personal portfolio. I know PR is good and publicity helps get exposure but damn, sometimes it's got to be bad.

The picarena of sexy photos promotes successful calenders and apparel but when thunmnails end up on porn sites it's bad. I like to see thongs shots of video vixens and occasionally place wallposter backgrounds on my comuputer but I also like to see the urban commnuinity slow up a little. When I watch videos from the major Down south Rappers it's all I see. I wonder why that is...could it be that their lyrics are pretty corney.

I know you remember the BET uncut videos where women were famous for the thunder bootie clap. The chicks in Brazil don't mind branding this style of dance at all. From what I hear it pretty darn easy to get laid over there. At least that what bloggers are saying.