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Pastry Sneakers from Run Athletics

Angela and Vanessa Simmons Have a Jewel

Pastry SneakersThe Pastry Sneakers are really the talk on the streets. All the guys are looking forward to getting these shoes for their girlfriends and the ladies especially black women are all over them.

I watched the MTV television series of Run's House and that's when I actually seen the two sisters bumping heads on the designs and other ideas of the shoes. Who would have thought that these girls would have a business mind as good as ole' uncle Russell of Phat Farm.

Hip Hop clothing has always been a great selling tool in the urban community and then along came the kicks.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons started their sneaker line which boost the name "Cake" as the first collection and it's already selling by the thousands.

The cake collection includes the names Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Mousse, Sprinkles and Red Velvet. Well if you have not figured it out by now the line of shoes are designed to look like the name of each delicous sweet.

Now if you have been around then you have also heard the song about "My lip gloss is poppin'".

So with that being said I want to inform you that after paying only $65.00 for a pair of shoes you will get some lip gloss that taste and smells like the names of the cakes above.

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 I have not seen these kicks in the stores yet buy I'm sure with the power and pull of these two young ladies dad Reverend Run and uncle Russell Simmons they will not have a problem getting there.

Now I will be watching very closely to how well they sell these items because I really want to see the next line to come which will be called the Fab Cookie line.

Whoa! Now these should really be some nice looking footwear. I'm sure they will have a press release about the sells and the next launch date for these. The only question I have now is where and what is little bratty "Russy" and his brother going to do. they just can't sit back and let the sisters out do them can they? I know if it was me I would snatch up my brother and create something to ride off the MTV hype and the hype off of Angela and Vanessa's Shoe lines. It's pretty much guaranteed success at that point.