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News on Pimp C of Ugk

What happened to Pimp C and why is he dead?

News on Pimp C of UgkNews on Pimp C of Ugk went around the Internet like wild fire when and Jive Records confirmed that the rapper was found dead in a Hotel called the Mondrian which is located on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California.

Most fans of his music never knew him by his government name and that's sad. His real name is Chad Butler which he hardly ever used even around the closest of friends.

Here is the big question though, What happened to Pimp C and why is he dead leaving this earth at the young age of 33 years old.

Why was he lying in a bed solo on the sixth floor of that Hotle room? I sure the investigators will be all over this one.

I hate that this rapper is gone because he was around for a long time. Most know him from the recording he done with Jay-Z on a song called Big Pimpin in the year 2000.What happened to pimp c

That was an instant classic record and then Outkast came along to put down the International Players Anthem better known as I Choose You to shatter the colaboration numbers for Hip Hop powerhouse groups.

Rapper Pimp C which was one half of ugk will forever have mp3 songs bumpin in my iPod. I urge you to go back and listen to UGK so that you can hear just how talented this rap artist was. then after doing that you should go and read all Ugk Lyrics so that you will truly understand the method of writing hot raps that stick.

Songs like pinky ring and stop and go are crazy when you really sit down and go over them.

I'm not sure if Chad Butler and the situation is a murder or a natural cause of death but I know that he will be missed by millions of Hip-Hop heads around the world.

I can't begin to count how many bloggers and Hip Hop websites have reported on this tragedy. Pictures are being searched in Google images and Yahoo Flickr as you read.ugk players anthem

If you are really a fan then I suggest you stop downloading Underground Kingz Torrent MP3 files and start buying the original music from places like iTunes to help his estate or better. We all knew that one day he would have to go but it's crazy when you see how.

Little aruguments between other superstar rappers like Young Jeezy dissing him seem fairly small when things like this occur. His myspace page is on fire from fans and T-shirts that read Kingz 4 Life are being worn around madd hoods. In tribute I have placed a couple of Youtube Music Videos for pimp c.