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New Graffiti Alphabet - Sketches and Characters

A guide for scrapbooking your favorite fonts

New Graffiti AlphabetA new graffiti alphabet has been surfacing around the internet for some time now.

With fancy spelling of words for example like sizzix it spreading fast. Google provides maps of websites that give detailed information and news about what I'm speaking of here. With this info you will be armed to creat murals around the city blocks.

HipHop has fonts that go hand and hand with bombing and the caps they use are easy to identify from certain taggers. Tips are often shared amongst crews but outside of that they are heavily guarded. Tagging is regarded as marking territory sometimes between gangs or more often tagging crews. Graphiti can be done using markers or other forms of writing tools but the weapon of choice for most artist is aerosol. Nothing beats looking at a grafite picture when it's done using spray paint.

Street art is a writers dream. When you can see a freshly white train or brand new building with your work displayed all across it the feeling is nothing short of wonderful. Now I know there is a question about morales here but I'm not trying to get involved with the law or political side of things. I'm sure transit cops and other police officers have there hands full with nozzles being taken out daily but I'm just speaking of the sure beauty of graffiti art.

Walls are nice blank and all but add a touch of graffitty or artcrimes which is what we call them on the streets and you have an entirely different piece of realestate. Wildstyle is one of the most if not the most widespread and popular styles a bomber can use. the character fonts are hard to draw and creating throwups can be really difficult if you are not a seasoned veteran or just pure talented. These are the murales that tend to get tags due to the hatred from another artist or crew.

Ever heard of muurschilderkunst or anything like that? Well that's a word from German decent and it's bad. Same as the words rakugaki or sgaffito. The reason I mention these type of words is because graphiteur is making it's way around the world at record pace. right now it is a long way away from being in a subway station in New york City. We now have tagging crews in popular places like amsterdam and the United Kingdom even in Italy. the coolest thing about the teams are the names. What's in a name like sprayangriffen or sprayburkar, who knows but it sounds really cool.

Even though it can be hard some crews are starting magazines to display the art work within pages instead of on walls. This is a very powerful move because not only does it keep individuals out of trouble but it provides an income to help promote more the the aerographia and that's always good and positive in my opnion.